Sou Sou Deposit Account

Your hand when you need it

A small deposit goes a long way


Two people not required

You know what good friends do? They look out for you. And they give it to you straight, whether it’s advice or a pat on the back. So here’s the bottom line. CCCU will do right by you, starting with this savings account. Open it today and you’re automatically a member with an ownership share in our Credit Union. It’s pretty simple: Deposit your money, watch it grow, and start making a difference in your financial life with a credit union that cares about what you’re trying to accomplish.

• Minimum deposit of $100.00 per month or $25.00 per week
• Deposits can be made over the counter or through payroll deduction
• Interest paid every three months on average monthly balance: January and July
• Savings can be used as collateral for loans
• No interest paid if account is broken within 6-month period:
July-December or January-June

• Complete Payroll deduction authorization form at Credit Union office.
• Cash deposits can be made at Credit Union.

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