Membership Eligibility

All are welcome!

Membership Eligibility


• Letter of Employment/Pension
• Two (2) valid forms of identification National photo identification.
• Utility Bill (recent) – If Utility Bill is not in your name, an Authorization Letter
from the person and a valid copy of their ID to be attached
• A Certificate of Registration as a resident of Trinidad and Tobago
• Signed application form
• $100.00 Initial Minimum Deposit ($40.00 Entrance Fee and
$60.00 Share contribution)

Youth (0-18)
  • Copy of child Birth Certificate (original must be produced to authenticate copy)
  • Signature of parent or guardian on application form
  • Copy of parent’s ID
  • If grandparent is registering child copy of parent and grandchild Birth Certificate and copy of grandparent’s ID
  • $100.00 Initial Minimum Deposit ($30.00 Entrance Fee and $70.00 Share contribution)
Self Employed/Sole Proprietor/Company Directors
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Notice of Directors
  • Notice of Secretaries
  • Notice of Registered Office
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Last audited financial statement
  • Minutes approving membership of club and authorized signatories to account.

Do you see yourself in one of our listed categories? You can complete a membership application online or mail it or bring it in to one of our offices. If you do not belong to a category listed above, give us a call at 1 868 662 9270 with more information about you, we may be able to help you qualify for membership.


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