The CCCU Difference

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The CCCU Difference

The difference between Credit Unions and Banks? As member, you are one of the owners of your Credit Union. There are no external shareholders as in other financial institutions. The Board of Directors is comprised of elected members who serve on a volunteer basis. The Board establishes policies to return profits to you, the members, in the form of competitive dividends on shares and deposits as well as competitive interest rates on loans. Additionally, we offer a full range of electronic services – Home Banking; Mobile Banking; SMS Alerts and Electronic Marketing for your convenience.

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Credit UnionsBanks
Type of Organisation: Not-for-profit financial coorperativeType of Organisation: Generate profits for stockholders
Who owns it: MembersWho owns it: Stockholders
Board of Directors: Volunteer membership (unpaid)Board of Directors: Stockholders (paid)
Income comes from: Interest from loans, non-interest incomeIncome comes from: Investments, fees, interest form loans
Income goes to: Members in the form of better rates and fewer feesIncome goes to: Stockholders
Who can join: AnyoneWho can join: Anyone


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