David Douglas S.E.A. Scholarship Program

David Douglas S.E.A Scholarship Programme 2021 – OPEN

Applications for the 2021 D.D.S.E.A. Scholarships are now open.

Members in good standing are invited to submit applications on behalf of their Child/Grandchild for this year’s Scholarship Programme. Application forms are available at the Credit Union from Friday 3rd September, 2021.

Deadline for submission October 8th 2021.

For more information please contact

Main Office, Curepe 708-2228 or our Fyzabad Branch 478-2228

Application Form and Instructions

Step 1: Please download the editable pdf here

Step 2: Open with Adobe Acrobat and complete. (If you do not have Adobe Acrobat you can download here)

Step 3: After completing and verifying all the information is accurate, save the document.

Step 4: Submit completed application form via email to

David Douglas SEA Scholarship Criteria/Rules
  1. Fifteen Awards will be provided in 2021. Ten (10) will be given by Merit and five (5) by Lottery-System.
  2. Students must be members of Credit Union, that is, hold Young Saver Accounts at the Credit Union by February 1st 2021 of the year of sitting the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) Examination to qualify for merit awards.
  3. Students who are not members of the Credit Union, that is, do not hold Young Saver Accounts at the time of sitting the exam will be considered along with the other applicants for Five (5) awards via the lottery system.
  4. Successful applicants will receive $500.00 per year for five (5) years towards the purchase of books and uniform. However, applicants and recipients must maintain active accounts at the Credit Union to continue to benefit from the award.
  5. Applications for meritorious awards will be considered based on merit arising from the 2021 SEA Examination.
  6. Applications must be done on the prescribed form and a copy of the SEA registration slip must be attached.
  7. Applications must be completed in full. Members with incomplete application forms will not be eligible.
  8. Applicants must not be delinquent or inactive members of the Credit Union.
  9. The word child for the purpose of these awards means natural or legally adopted child or grandchild. Proof of relationship (birth certificate, affidavit, adoption papers and deed poll) must be submitted.
  10. Deadline for submission of application forms is October 8th, 2021.
  11. The selection of awards based on merit will be made by a selection panel appointed by the Board of Directors of Community Care Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited. The decision of the selection panel is final.
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