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Use these calculators to help guide you on getting the most from your money

Budgeting Tools ►
Need a little more breathing room? Use this calculator to analyze your fixed and flexible expenses. Then you’ll see areas where you can save more money each month

Debt Consolidation►
It’s in your best interests to pay down debt quicker. Choose from two methods with one goal – save money.

Emergency Savings►
Get an idea of how much you should save to cover 3, 6 or 12 months of unemployment or other emergency circumstances.

Mortgage Financing►
Plug in your numbers and get an idea of how getting a mortgage could help you save money monthly or over the term of your home loan.

Saving for Retirement►
Estimate how your lifestyle choices in retirement, compared to your current lifestyle, may affect your expenses.

Saving for Higher Education►
See how far your college savings may go, and get an estimate of how much additional money you may need to save to pay for college.

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