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The following shows a breakdown of our various fees

Fee TypeFees (TTD)
Service Fees
Vehicle Loan$500.00
Mortgage Loan1% of loan request
All other loans$225.00
Member Statements$10.00
Member Statements (Rush fee)$30.00
Share Withdrawal$25.00
Visa Debit Card
New Visa Debit Card$60.00
Visa Debit Card Renewal$50.00
Transfer of funds to Visa Debit Card$25.00
All withdrawals made from a non JMMB bank ATM
(Effective from: September 1st 2021)
All Point of Sale (POS) transactions or ATM withdrawals declined for insufficient funds
(Effective from: September 1st 2021)
All international Point of Sale transactions and e-commerce/ online transactions
(Effective from: September 1st 2021)
Standing Order$5.00
Delinquent Accounts
Late payment fee –40 days$100.00
Deliver of delinquent notice$400.00 (+VAT)
Repossession of vehicle $350.00 (+VAT)
Debt Collection
Less than 3 years old30% of arrears
More than 3 years old40% of arrears
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